Counting Calories And Weight Loss
Many people fret upon the idea of having to count calories in their daily diet, with reasonable justification. The one problem is is that there is a lot of hype regarding the process of counting calories, and another problem is that most people don't even know how to put that caloric information to work. It's all a very simple concept, and a simple process once you understand the basics.
Can You Lose Weight Without Starving?
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University are providing some clues to help you achieve permanent weight loss. They are looking at the effects of your food choices and how they affect your ability to lose weight. (The influence of food portion size and energy density on energy intake: implications for weight management.
The Perils Of Diving Into Strict Diets Head First
“Induction” is simply a politically correct way to say you have to crash diet and starve yourself in the beginning. Look at the forums and message boards: They’re filled with posts from people about to start these programs, dreading the “initial” phase and wondering if they’ll be able to hack it (and with people telling war stories about how they “survived” it ...or tried it and failed).
Atkins And Appetite Suppression
One of the most common, and surprising, effects of following the Atkins diet is appetite suppression. Many followers of the plan report that the between meal hunger pangs they used to experience fade away very quickly. This makes it easier to stay on the diet and continue to lose weight. While other diets have their followers starving between meals, the Atkins diet offers relief from constant hunger. The Atkins diet, with its specific combination of foods and ingredients, has powerful appetite suppressing effects.
10 Diet Rules You Can Break
There are actually diet rules out there that are meant to be broken? Yes, recently many dated diet guidelines and myths are up for speculation. You’ve probably heard all these silly rules before, but experts weigh-in on the worthiness of these supposed truisms - most of which won't help you lose weight or make dieting any easier.
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