Healthy Weight Loss
Even though some of us are impatient and want to see quick results we still all know that the best diet is a healthy diet. Sure we see tons of ads for these “all natural” diet pills that guarantee a weight loss of 20 lbs in a month or less but these are far from healthy. In fact many of these diet pills have been recalled by the FDA for containing ingredients that lead to heart attacks, seizures and many other serious health risks. I think the best way to healthy weight loss is through regular exercise and a healthy diet.
Kim Zimmer Weight Loss
Soap Opera star, Kim Zimmer, looks spectacular after losing some extra pounds after joining Weight Watchers. It took her from going to a size 12 from an 8 in only one year. At the age of 48 many woman find it difficult to lose weight, but it should not stop you, just because you grow in age does not mean you need to grow in size. To achieve Kim Zimmer weight loss you need to find some motivation in your life.
LA Weight Loss
With many weight loss programs out there one very popular and yet controversial one is the LA weight loss program. This is a program where clinics are found all over the US and even worldwide. The overall idea of the center is people who want to lose weight come in for a consultation and a plan is made for them. They mostly charge you for their consultation and the food supplements. The diet plan is portions of proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy and LA Lites. La Lites are the main part of the diet which is mostly soy-protein bars. This company has become very controversial as they were fined in 2002 $100,000 for using false claims.
Obesity Help
In most developing countries obesity does not present a problem because food is scarce and the choices are few. However, in the United States things are different as many Americans are reaching out for obesity help. In America we have an abundance of food options, most of these being fast food. With fast food, Americans have a tendency to overeat which represents the root cause of obesity. Obesity is not just a weight issue but a lifestyle. Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of their foods nutritional information. The main cause for adult and teenage obesity leads to the growing amount of fats and sugars found in fast food.
Raw Food Diet
For those who are seeking natural weight loss then a raw food diet weight loss plan might be right for you. This has been the latest "health craze" for years now while some disagree with all the benefits of enzymes it claims to have. Raw food does many things for your body especially supplying many nutrients to your body that would normally get killed when cooked. Those who venture down the raw food diet find themselves only eating uncooked and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and oils.
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