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Introduction To Morbid Obesity
How much do you really know about being overweight, obesity and morbid obesity? Being overweight is probably the number one killer in North America. Diets, exercise and surgery are all options for the typical person with morbid obesity. This presentation is designed to give you a brief overview of this major health care problem.
A MYWW Board Of Advisor Talks About His Weight
A My Weight World reporter, Dr Brenda Affinati, interviews Scott Claudin one of the founders and a Board of Advisor for My Weight World about his weight struggle. Scott was eating a fast food diet and jumped from a 32 to a 38 waist; after his doctor told him he was "aging" Scott took matters into his own hands and dropped the weight. His story can hopefully inspire other people to take control of their weight.
Laparoscopic Vs. Open Weight Loss Surgery
Weight loss surgery is an important tool for many with a serious weight problem such as those with morbid obesity; and sometimes obesity in general. Most weight loss surgeries can be performed either laparoscopic or open with a standard incision. This presentation examines some of the pros and cons of each method.
Overview Of Childhood Obesity
The world is getting heavier. Obesity has tripled in children during the past 20 years! Diabetes, high blood pressure and other obesity related medical problems are becoming more common in children and teens due to their weight. This presentation will provide an overview into weight problems in children and adults.
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