Want to learn more about breakfast cereals and healthing eating? Well this video is for you! Watch our resident dietitian, Janice Baker, in this exciting presentation.
Breakfast is possibly the most important meal of the day! In this video tape, our dietitian, Janice Baker, discusses breakfast and its impact on your entire day. If you have a weight problem this presentation should be helpful.
The Best Abdominal Exercises
This presentation will touch on 15 excellent exercises to help you develop great abs! A key point discussed is the idea that you must lose weight on your entire body to maximize your abs; there is no spot reduction exercises that work without overall weight control.
Basic Exercise Principles For Beginners
The goal of this presentation is to introduce beginners to the benefits of exercise, important points to remember, where a beginner should start and some basic exercises for beginners. Exercise and diet are the key components to getting your weight under control whether you are overweight, obese or morbidly obese.
Introduction To Morbid Obesity
How much do you really know about being overweight, obesity and morbid obesity? Being overweight is probably the number one killer in North America. Diets, exercise and surgery are all options for the typical person with morbid obesity. This presentation is designed to give you a brief overview of this major health care problem.
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